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Coils 1100

 Features of Aluminum Coil 1100                                                       

The representatives are 1050, 1060 and 1100 in aluminum 1000 series. Aluminum coil 1100 has the most aluminum content with more than 99.00% in all series. Because aluminum coil 1100 does not contain other technical elements, so the production process is single and the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum coil 1100 is the most commonly used in conventional industry currently.

Industrial pure aluminum coil 1100 has many characteristics — high plasticity, corrosion resistance,good electrical conductivity etc. Its advantages are usually used to make the structure having specific performance, such as aluminum foil gasket and capacitor, electronic cars, electric wire, cable protection cover, net, wire core and the ventilation system of aircraft parts and decoration.

Aluminum coil 1100 is industrial pure aluminum containing 99.0% aluminum. It has good ductility formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. Its corrosion resistance can be improved and obtain beautiful surface after anodic oxidation.

 Specifications of Aluminum Coil 1100                                                   


2.Technique: Hot rolled, Cold rolled;




6.Standard production:ASTM-B-209M,BS EN 485-2,BS EN 573-3,GB/T3880-2008

7.Surface:Mill Finishing, Mirror Finishing, Checkered

 Payment and Delivery                                                                 
1.Min Order Quantity:   0.5 tons
2.Payment Terms:       T/T or L/C
3.Delivery Time:          After Conform the Order about 7-15 days
4.Port:                        From Any Port in China to Across the World
5.Supply ability:      3500 Metric Tons/ Month

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