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University-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents

Time:2022-07-18 From:Jinte Tech. Visitors:524

According to the teaching plan of school-enterprise cooperation, students from Zhejiang University of Technology are going to study in the company today. This teaching activity will focus on enterprise introduction, product application and career development planning. Students will put what they have learned into practice.  Let the students have a true and comprehensive understanding of enterprise development prospects, planning personal career development.  Deputy General Manager Cao Siyuan explained the company's products to the students online. The students were both amazed and praised by the innovative technology and strength of the company's products.  The company pays attention to talent training, and the tutors teach students hands-on practice.  Students through their hands-on practice team Yang industry prospects and their own future employment have shown great confidence and interest.  The company has a perfect talent promotion mechanism, through the management of comprehensive and professional and skilled double promotion channel mechanism, so that the capable employees can be promoted and development.  In the future learning process, the company will continue to carry out all kinds of teaching activities, organically combine and optimize the allocation of school-enterprise resources, to achieve the seamless connection between student training and enterprise needs.  Contribute to the high quality development of Kinte. 

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